> Improved startup performance by eliminating expensive cross-join (SQL) and unnecessary attempts to open printers saved with reports

 > Compatibility with operating systems through Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bit) and Windows Server 2012 R2

 >  All EXE, CAB, MSI, DLL, OCX files have been digitally signed to certify authenticity

 >  Added new colors to lines / boxes

 >  Resizeable field dialogs

 >  Support for multi-screen systems

 >  Detachable toolbars

 >  All dialogs updated to expand usable "real estate"

 >  Fixed issue with character format expansion but not contraction


 >  Added "Unlock All" capability to user management

>  Direct entry of font selection

>  Report Librarian turned "off" by default

>  HTML export launch manageable through settings

>  Fixed time entry in date/time query dialog (was defaulting and remaining on current time) / same issue on ParameteRR screen

>  Fixed pointer errors with large data sets

>  Enhanced support for Advantage Database

>  Fixed "bad join element" problem where missing field would cause crash after database modification

>  Fixed converter to retain long file names / revised screen layout / update dbctbl structure corruption / fixed access violations

>  Added new file types for graphics, updated OSes reported by spec generator